My practice primarily involves creating and modifying objects that closely relate to the human body, with particular focus on the little things that inconspicuously permeate everyday life. Whether through minimal, swift interventions, or complex, long-winded projects, I rigorously yet playfully examine various physical and conceptual boundaries.

My artistic meditations and actions typically emerge from the inconsistencies and conflicts that arise between the world as it is and the reductive abstractions that we make from it. From such chasms and clashes sprout “what ifs” and “why nots”, which in turn develop and manifest themselves as assemblages, sculptures, installations, and videos.

My work as a whole may at first glance appear to be somewhat eclectic, however, this is only because it converges and solidifies neither at the level of form, nor at the level of content. Rather, my creative process unifies and crystallizes wherever surprise, contemplation, humor, and discovery happen to intersect.




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